The Delta Junction Area
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A young male (bull) in the center and a mature cow to his right.

The lands around Delta Junction offer a range of wildlife viewing opportunities, including the unusual opportunity to see wild buffalo. The area is a patchwork of state, federal, and private lands and much of it is accessible by road.

The town of Delta Junction, about two hours south of Fairbanks, has played many roles over the last century from gold town to military outpost to farming community. It is also the official end of the Alaska Highway where the 1422 mile road joins the Richardson Highway to complete the route to Fairbanks.

Wildlife Viewing and Safety Tips

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Other Resources

To learn more about the community and surrounding area, contact the Delta Junction Chamber of Commerce at (877) 895-5068.

ADF&G (Delta Junction office): (907) 895-4484

For more on the Delta Bison herd, see Delta Junction - State Bison Range

Delta Junction Wildlife Viewing Sites