How You Can Help

Get involved. Send written comments during official public comment periods for projects involving rotenone. Public comments periods will be announced in local newspapers and collected by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

For questions or comments, contact Kristine Dunker at 907-267-2889 or

Fish for pike in Southcentral! Fishing for pike is fun, and you can help suppress their numbers in waters where they are not native. Always check the regulations before fishing, but in most places in Southcentral Alaska, you can harvest as many pike as you can use.

Never move fish from one water body to another or release live fish, northern pike or any other species. The same applies to any aquatic organism. This is a class A misdemeanor in Alaska.

Protect your fisheries. Report illegal stocking immediately to your local ADF&G office or to Fish and Wildlife Safeguard at 1-800-478-3377.