Allowable Activities Matrix

Permit Types Requiring a Fisheries Business License (FBL)

  Direct Marketer 1 Catcher Processor 2 Catcher Exporter Buyer Exporter Shorebased Processor Floating Processor
Year Began 2005 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984
Processor Code Prefix 4 F F F F F F
ADF&G Form Type Intent to Operate Intent to Operate Intent to Operate Intent to Operate Intent to Operate Intent to Operate
Typically Operating From Vessel 8 or facility Vessel Vessel Facility or vessel Facility Vessel
Code Plates Issued Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ADF&G Approval Letter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Allowable Activities
Purchase from fisherman? No No No Yes Yes Yes
Process? 6 Only their catch Only their catch Only by a custom processor Only by a custom processor Yes Yes
Export out of state? Only their catch (processed or unprocessed) Only their catch (processed or unprocessed) Only their own catch Yes - unprocessed or custom processed Yes - processed or unprocessed Yes - processed or unprocessed
Have custom processing done? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom process for others? No No No No Yes Yes
Can sell at the docks? Yes Yes No No From their facility Yes
  • 1 This license can only operate as a sole proprietor and Vessel cannot exceed 65 feet in length.
  • 2 Catcher Processors can operate from Vessels over 65 feet in length and run their business through an LLC. If sole proprietors (Apply with SSN instead of EIN) and Vessel is less than 65 feet a Direct Marketer permit type would be a more appropriate permit type.
  • 3 EEZ Only are required by NMFS to submit a COAR for activity in federal waters and some fisheries in federal waters require ADF&G fish tickets while others do not.
  • 4 This prefix along with the Fisheries Business License number (issued by DOR) makes up the processor code (i.e. F1234) which is imprinted on fish tickets and allows ADF&G to track reporting activity.
  • 5 A Catcher-Seller may ship fish to a licensed buyer, processor, or exporter only within the state. A fish ticket imprinted with the Catcher-Seller code plate must accompany fish during shipment via plane, truck, mail, etc.
  • 6 Must meet DEC requirements.
  • 7 Can only sell in state to licensed processors or buyers or ADEC Waivered facilities.
  • 8 Vessel must be 65 feet or less.
  • 9 AS 16.05.67(b) for salmon, herring, and Pacific cod only and the CFEC permit holder must also possess a catcher-seller permit.
  • All permit types are issued fish tickets upon request.